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Rebecca was featured on the Halloween special of NBC's Today Show to discuss her opinion of well-known haunted locations as well as sensitive subjects such as exorcisms and voodoo. She has also been correlated with television appearances and/or assisted production companies associated

with the ABC Family Channel, Travel Chanel, A&E, SyFy (then Sci-Fi) and Animal Planet.

While the majority of the population conducts ghost hunts to fulfill their personal human curiosity, Rebecca Muller investigates the existence of ghosts because it is her lifestyle.

Born a clairvoyant, she also exhibits a

variety of abilities which have enhanced the successful results of investigations conducted by Rebecca and her husband, Hans. Hans and Rebecca are both Cleveland, Ohio natives but now call Salem, MA home after relocating in early 2009.

Though Rebecca and Hans offer to investigate private residences that experience paranormal phenomenon, they enjoy seeking out historical sites that may or may not be open to the public to investigate. All investigators mentioned bring professionalism, education, honesty and experience to each location investigated.

Rebecca invites you to read through the rest of her site to learn about her abilities and the locations investigated and paranormal experiences. Reports are written on each case, but due to inappropriate and illegal usage of the written information discovered on other sites, only some reports with limited information will be published online. In the places of reports, you will notice photo albums that represent the history and paranormal activity of certain locations.

As you maneuver through the site you will notice small "thumbnail" photos.

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 Rebecca's work has also been mentioned in Edrick Thay's "Ghost Stories of Ohio" regarding the old Ohio State Reformatory, and her personal experience at the Morning Glory Bed and Breakfast was featured in Rosemary Ellen Guiley's "Haunted Salem: Strange Phenomena in the Witch City"! To purchase these books, click on the covers to the left!

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Be sure to check out the site dedicated to the ghosts of Salem, MA-

 Salem Witch City Ghosts!!
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